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Cyber News in SC

June 2024

CyberSC Supports the Work of the Chanticleer Intelligence Brief in Cyber Security

In May 2024, CyberSC, South Carolina’ trusted nonprofit organization in the field of cybersecurity, announced it would provide annual financial support to the Chanticleer Intelligence Brief (CIB), Coastal Carolina University’s nationally known student-led experiential initiative.

For nearly 10 years, the CIB has helped hundreds of students refine their ability to gather, analyze and present information in accordance with techniques used in the intelligence profession. Its members have gone on to serve in every agency of the United States Intelligence Community, as well as in the private sector.

In recognition of the growing importance of cybersecurity, the CIB launched its Cyber and Transnational Desk in 2016. Since then, CIB analysts have consistently collected, analyzed, and presented critical information relating to the cyber domain in a variety of settings. Notably, the CIB’s Applied Intelligence Project has undertaken research on cybersecurity topics under the supervision of the National Security Agency and the United States Secret Service. The CIB operates under the umbrella of the Center for Applied Intelligence at Coastal Carolina University, with Dr. Joseph Fitsanakis as its faculty mentor.

Established in 2018, the South Carolina Cyber Association (CyberSC) is a statewide, 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization that serves the cybersecurity ecosystem through advocacy, education and building community. Among its many tasks, CyberSC serves as a trusted community for companies that view cybersecurity as a strategic issue to receive actionable resources and connect with their peers. CyberSC is led by Executive Director Thomas Scott, with the support of a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of experienced executives from a variety of local and global businesses, organizations, academic institutions and agencies.

As of May 2024, CyberSC has agreed to support the CIB’s work in cybersecurity collection, analysis and dissemination by awarding the group an annual donation of $1,200. The CIB will utilize these funds to expand its activities in support of student mentoring and skill acquisition.

CIB faculty mentor Joseph Fitsanakis praised the students whose sound work attracted the attention of CyberSC. “Countless students have worked over the years to raise the profile of the CIB in our region and across the United States. The support from CyberSC affirms the value of the CIB in the education of our youth, when it comes to emerging threats to national security. We are grateful to CyberSC for its support”.

CyberSC executive director Thomas Scott

For more information about CyberSC visit

For more information about the CIB visit

CyberSC Partners with Centurion Cyber Training to Train Next-Generation SOC Analysts at South Carolina State University

CyberSC, in collaboration with Centurion Cyber Training Solutions, is proud to announce the launch of a groundbreaking training cohort aimed at developing skilled Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts through the SRESFS program at South Carolina State University. This initiative is designed to equip students with critical cybersecurity skills and hands-on experience necessary to protect our nation’s infrastructure from sophisticated cyber threats.

The new program is part of a strategic effort to prepare students to become frontline defenders against escalating cyber-attacks from global adversaries. Participants in the program, drawn from diverse educational backgrounds, will undergo comprehensive training to become Tier 1 SOC analysts, providing essential services to small critical infrastructure organizations targeted by foreign threats.

Program Highlights:

· Intensive Training: Students will receive training on various cybersecurity tools and platforms, including Netography, Open Source Analyst Tools like Abuse IPDB, Alien Vault, Virus Total, and more. 

· Real-World Experience: Interns will work in a structured environment similar to commercial SOCs, where they will report to Tier 2 analysts and handle real cybersecurity incidents under close supervision.

· Supporting Small Infrastructure Organizations: Students will directly contribute to the defense of small critical infrastructure entities that play a pivotal role in maintaining the nation’s backbone but often lack the resources to fend off sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Statement from CyberSC: "We are thrilled to partner with Centurion Cyber to offer this unique opportunity to the bright minds at South Carolina State University," said Tom Scott, Executive Director at CyberSC. "This program not only builds critical cybersecurity capacity but also empowers a new generation to protect our nation from significant cyber threats."

Statement from Centurion Cyber Training: "It is hard for students coming out of our universities and community colleges to get real-world hands-on experience before graduating, said Jonah Wisch, Director of Centurion Cyber Training Solutions, "Our SOC analyst training program gives students the access to apply their knowledge and skills with live data from critical infrastructure partners. There are very few programs like this and the other ones out there gatekeep to students in specific states or universities. We can work with anyone to get their SOC students or teams exposure to a day in the life of a SOC analyst."

About Centurion Cyber Training Solutions: Centurion Cyber Training is dedicated to providing hands-on cybersecurity training solutions that prepare individuals for their first SOC analyst role. Their programs put students in the role of Tier 1 Analyst and give exposure to security tools with live data from critical infrastructure across the country, giving students some skin in the game in the effort to protect our country from foreign threats. 

For More Information: For more details on the Centurion SOC Analyst program or to learn more about the partnership, please visit or

The SC Cyber Association , a 501(c)(6) non-profit that provides professional development and connection opportunities in the Palmetto State.

The SC Cyber Foundation , a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides funding for cyber education in the Palmetto State.

CyberSC is a member affiliate of CyberUSA


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