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Certified DevOps Security Practitioner (CDSP)

  • 20 Sep 2021
  • 1:00 PM
  • 22 Sep 2021
  • 5:00 PM
  • Online

Network Intelligence - a 20-year old global cybersecurity services firm working across the domains of security ranging from assessment to advisory services to compliance consulting & certification for standards like PCI DSS, PA DSS, GDPR, ISO 27001. Apart from being a consulting arm to our clients, we do provide specialized training for professionals in the cybersecurity domain.

Network Intelligence has scheduled a 3 day training on DevOps Security called Certified DevOps Security Practitioner (CDSP). This training focuses on Embedding security into the DevOps processes is referred to as DevSecOps. While DevOps addresses the business need of rapidly delivering products and release code in order to satisfy customer demands, it is important that security must work in tandem with Agile and DevOps processes.

One such course that we have developed around the DevOps security is CDSP. The CDSP training is a 12 hours of online training spread across 3 days 4 hours each day and the workshop module is for 12 hours which includes 11 hours of training sessions followed by 1-hour online examination.

The Training details are under:

  • ·       Date: : September 20 - 22, 2021
  • ·       Time:  1 00 PM – 5 00 PM (GMT)
  • ·       Duration : 4 hours for 3 days (12 hours of online training)
  • ·       Mode: Online - Microsoft Teams

Below is the course outline of the training and attached is the training brochure for your reference.

Certified DevOps Security Practitioner (CDSP)– 3 Days course contents

 Module 1:

       Intro DevOps Culture

       DevOps Principles

       Overview of DevOps Tools

       DevOps CI/CD Pipelining

       Security & Compliance Challenges in DevOps


       Security Compliance

       Cloud Service threats

       Rapid releases

       New Technology (Microservices)

Module 2:

       Case Study

       Shift Secure Left

       OWASP Proactive Controls

       Using Infrastructure as Code

       The ‘HoneyMoon’ Effect

       SDOMM or DSOMM(Maturity Model)

Module 4

·       Microservice Security

·       What is Docker?

·       Overview of Docker Components

·       Security Concerns with Containers

·       Attacking Docker Containers Misconfiguration(Hands-on)

·       Auditing Docker Containers(Hands-on)

·       Kubernetes Attacking and Defending

Module 5:

·       Security Automation

·       CaseStudy

·       Security Policy

·       Framework(BDD,Robot)

·       Introduction to ansible(Iaac)

·       Ansible overview

·       Hands-on Security Automation

Module 3

·       Security challenges in CI/CD

·       Case Study

·       Injecting Security into CI/CD

·       Hands-on Open Source Tools
(npm,owasp dependency checker,retire.js)any one

·       Static Analaysis

·       Hands-on Open Source Tools
(gitrob/trufflehog,open source static code scanner) any one

·       Dynamic Analaysis

·       Hands-on Open Source Tools (zap)

·       Security Testing

·       Git Attack & Best Pratice

·       Jenkins Attack & Best Pratice

Module 6:

·       Security Automation Compliance

·       Hands-on Inspec

·       Runtime Checks & Monitoring

·       Netflix - Security Monkey’s

Module 7:

·       WAF Intro

·       Case Study (Microservice)

·       Owasp Modsecurity

·       Intro to Cloud –DevSecOps (AWS, Azure)

·       Serverless Security

Please suggest your interest for the participation and do advise if you require any further information and I will be much happy to assist you.

Thank you and I look forward to your participation.


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